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There are backpacks on sale everywhere these days in retail shops, marketplaces, online stores, flea markets etc. But finding the perfect backpack for travel is not so easy for people.  It is pretty easy to find the decent backpack these days with all necessary features.  This is possible with the invention of an anti-theft backpacks. These backpacks provide all the needed features like slash-resistant fabric, hidden pockets, RFID protective pockets, water-proof material etc.

Let us discuss some features needed for a perfect anti-theft backpack:

Comfort & Mobility:

leather anti-theft waterproof backpack with usb chargerWhenever you buy backpack, the first feature you will be looking at how comfortable, was backpack to carry. The right anti-theft backpack for travel should allow you to wear comfortably and easily transport your essential items.

Usually the backpack material will be made from slash-resistant material like polyester with PVC coating or nylon. Though these materials are strong, backpacks are light-weight to carry. Slash-proof anti-theft backpacks distribute the weight of your things equally on your shoulders and hence you won’t feel back pain or neck pain.


Make sure your bag is not so big that it’s hard to protect with your hand or arm. Besides, a bag that is big will probably be uncomfortable to carry around all day. So it is better to carry an anti-theft backpack which is light-weight and comfortable to carry.

When you are looking for bags with interior pockets and compartments, especially ones that zip, to keep your most important documents, cards, and valuables doubly safe, then anti-theft backpack is best option. Even outer compartments also present to keep your things that you may use often. Anti-Theft backpacks are specially designed with anti-theft features and hence, there will be many hidden compartments inner and outer of backpack.

Other Features:

A top anti-theft backpack has got in-built charging port which is very useful to charge your mobile phone. Other features you may get from these backpacks are RFID protective pockets to avoid electronic pickpocketing, foam protectors to place your electronic gadgets like laptop, iPad and Note, protective zippers like YKK zippers, made by the Japanese behemoth company YKK, are widely believed to be the world’s best zippers.

Thus, it is good to choose an anti-theft backpack when you are finding all the above-mentioned features in your backpack and it is best backpack to carry for your trip or vacation to an overseas.