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How Can I Find Lost Mobile

Most people have certain ways to carry their mobile. It can be in a certain pocket or purse pocket or may be in hand. But every person has some habit and that makes him conscious about the phone, they carry; however, the little devices can still get lost. So what should one do when the question arises “how can I find a lost mobile?”

Don’t panic! Think!

Use another phone to call your mobile. If it is near where you are you should be able to hear it (unless you had the ringer turned off or the battery is dead!

Retrace your steps. When did you have it last? What did you do since then? Be sure to check under and between car seats, in sofa cushions and on the restroom floor.

Call your friends that you were with. Maybe one of them has it.

Call places you have been – maybe someone found it and turned it in.

If you haven’t found your phone within a couple of hours, you should call your service provider and let them know it is missing. They will have it shut down.

Don’t Believe in Miracles

You’d think with all the cool new features of cell phones, including GPS, that the cell phone company could just flick a switch and be able to instantly locate your phone. But alas, that’s not the case. Even though the companies and law enforcement can find phones pretty quickly, for the averge person this is still a fantasy if you are not self aware of its protection. Of course, if you’ve installed some gps  tracking software on your phone, finding where it is could be as simple as logging in to the nearest computer. But for most people, you’re stuck looking — and giving up — the old-fashioned way.

But what if you have not installed any tracking app? Is there no way to track your lost phone? Yes, it is!!! One can track the location using Geo Localiser Un Portable; you just need the phone number and geolocalisation will do its job. One of the most reliable website for this is, which we have tested personally and it is able to pinpoint the location in no time.

There are ways to get app installed and register your phone before it is lost. For a small fee, you can register your phone and then if it is lost or stolen at some future date, you should be able to track its location. Check into the tracking services and software that are available and decide which one is right for you.