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Best Time To Visit Singapore

Singapore Travel Destinations Guide

Although most of old Singapore has been demolished to make way for the modern city, still some of the crucial landmark in the Colonial Zone have been preserved. One can find an ethnic side of the city in Little India, Chinatown and Arab quarters which are providing insights into the traditions that have sustained their respective communities through the centuries.

Getting Around:

In order to travel around Singapore, public transportation provides an easy way rather than renting a car. Because renting a car is very expensive, but MRT, LRT and buses are cheap and easy to use and can travel all parts of the city. You need an EZ-link transit card to travel in trains and buses. The city has got thousand of taxis that are safe, air-conditioned and surprisingly accessible, led by drivers useful and honest. The only drawback about traveling in taxis is that you have to wait in a long queue during some rush hours.

Singapore Changi Village:

Changi Village is located in the north-eastern side of Singapore. Singapore’s airport id located in this Changi area and hence you can take a cab to go Changi village directly from airport. Changi village is the warehouse of various elements with its wonderful architecture and planning.

Changi village is popularly called as “Ghost Village” by locals, but now the government of Singapore had taken steps to renovate the Changi village and became a well-known tourist destination. In Changi village, there are two main attractions including the center terminal and ferry peddler. Because of these two attractions, they become the most famous place for travelers from various corner of the world. The place is also famous for shopping as well as restaurants where you will enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Lazarus Island and Sisters Island:

These islands are located in the southern part of Singapore. You will experience one of your best vacations, if you visit the island of Lazarus Island and Sisters in Blue Water of Singapore. You will enjoy with the wonderful sceneries of beaches and you can even take a refreshing bath where you get a great chance to explore the depths of the sea and, observe marine life as well as corals Lazarus Island and Sisters Island in Singapore. If you are good player, then you can participate in various activities of water sports and other games like bet888win, where you may get a lot of fun and pleasure.

Orchard Road:

Here you will find the stunning shopping malls of Singapore. This place seems to be fashionista’s best destination. You can buy branded clothes and other products of good quality. Ngee Ann City, Wisma of auricles of center point and flavors are some famous shopping malls on Orchard Street.

Improve Your Golf Swing with These Tips

Golf is a sport that entails precision. In this game, a player uses different kinds of clubs to strike balls into a hole scattered around a course – that is using the least number of strokes possible. That is why it is important for a golfer to have a very precise golf swing.

In order to be able to give a good swing, you must be able to improve your grips of the club. If you want to acquire a powerful and accurate golf swing, then it is important for you to maximize the value of the grip since this is your steering wheel, meaning a good hold of your club can help direct your swing to the proper direction and destination. The grip has more influence on the ball’s flight than any other factors. So if you have problems with your ball’s flight patterns, then you need to change how you hold your club.

There is no “ideal” grip. Each golfer has his/her own comfortable and effective grip. What is important is you hold the club with your fingers since if the club is held more with the palm, then the golf swing will be slower. Proper gripping would show only the first two fingers of the left hand and the left thumb is concealed under the right hand.

Another factor that will affect your swing is the posture or stance. A bad stance would be followed by a wrong back swing, wrong down swing and a wrong follow through. Consider the golf stance and the grip as the groundwork or take-off point of the swing. You must stay relaxed and balanced when you want to achieve this. Make sure that your weight are equally distributed in both your right and left leg and that your knees are flexed slightly while your back is straightened up. Bending on your hips and not on the knees would help but make sure that the back’s angle is maintained throughout the swing.

Your golf swing is influenced by several factors but what is important here is that you should be relaxed and comfortable. Golf was intended to be a form of relaxation and for you to enjoy. Do not stress out yourself too much in perfecting your swing. Like any other sports, it would require time and practice for you to improve your skill. You cannot be like Tiger Woods overnight.

How to Improve Golf Takeaway

To many people watching, golf for them is a sport for rich people. Golfers wear decent clothes, the swing those club with ease and precision, walk into the golf course and show their swag. Sometimes, it is associated with lifestyle to only the rich and famous. But more than that, golf is a serious sport. It needs mastery, practice, proper distance, etc. in order to make that perfect golf takeaway when playing.

What is golf takeaway?

In the golf lingo, “takeaway” is the first move away from the ball of the golf club. The golf takeaway is considered as the first movement of the backswing. This is crucial since the first step dictates the success of the entire swing of the club into the gold ball. Also, the swing directs the ball into the hole where it should be directed. A lot of first timers may not get the precision of how the backswing should be made but with practice and correct posture, the golf takeaway will get better and better.

  • Posture

Posture is important when taking that swing in golf. Golfers need not have an athletic build. All they need is to master the correct posture before taking that swing. To do so, they need to they need to relax their forearms and straighten it as much as possible with a distance of 4 to 5 inches from the hands and the body. The hips should be pushed at the back. The arms and the chest should form an imaginary triangle when doing the golf takeaway move. Golfers should remember that the arms and shoulder should be relaxed to effective swing the club.

  • Grip

The way golfers held the club is important so effective make that golf takeaway. Experts suggest that finding the grip is effective without holding the club first. By doing so, they just need to relax their arms as it hangs downward and find out that the arm with the target side hangs between inside the thigh into the center thigh in the target side. Upon looking down, the knuckles are seen and this is the body’s way of knowing that is the angle for the neutral grip.

  • Drills

There are drills in order to execute the perfect golf takeaway and the backswing. By doing so, they need to put a two pieces of 4 feet tape that faces the target. Then the golfer should stand approximately 6 inches outside of the tape on the left side and then do the hitting position. The goal here it to fill the golf clubs the space between the 2 tapes which is about 2 and ½ feet apart. If it hits the right tape, the golfer hits it outside. If the club hits the left tape, the tendency is that the club is in a flat position. It takes a lot of practice to master the perfect golf takeaway and the backswing.

  • Rule of thumb

Upon taking the club back after the swing, the rule of thumb dictates that it just takes 2 seconds to put the club in the top position as a perfect golf takeway. Jerking the club downwards from up top will create torque which will bring the golf ball further away.